Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom -- Cory Doctrow

What it is: a book
Why I should read it:

(13:25:55) Rich : have you read any Cory Doctorow?
(13:26:01) Aaron : nope
(13:26:46) Rich : He's got very original, very engaging concepts, but his lack of editing and tendency to create unbelievable characters is very frustrating
(13:27:38) Rich : I'd say the only one worth reading is Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom
(13:29:11) Rich : humanity solves the problems of death and scarcity of resources, abolished work, etc...
(13:29:34) Rich : which is great to read about, because it's very imaginative, especially his concepts of an economy based on merit and respect as the currency
(13:29:40) Rich : but the actual story is disposable

Who told me to read it: Rich